Adox Polywarmtone® emulsion

A completely new silver gelatin product for the Traditional (Analogue) printing market. Adox Polywarmtone® emulsion.

Originally a legendary paper from Forte, its recipe would have been lost in the digital revolution, if not for ADOX saving the production technology. It took the company ten years to recreate the naturally warm, beige-green, high-definition, extremely vintage-looking emulsion - and now it is available for artistic work on a variety of surfaces. And it has a superb toning response too!

Because of the COVID-related travel restrictions, for the entire year 2020 the Adox team could not reach the Swiss factory to continue coatings. The emulsion production in Berlin, however, did continue.

With borders still being closed, the Polywartmone Emulsion (PWE) is being released to the market before the actual paper. All the quality standards and characteristics of the Polywarmtone paper are also, naturally, applying to the emulsion. Sharp, rich, warm-tone images look beautiful on self-coated papers and various textiles.

This emulsion can be coated onto other materials too: including stone, wood and glass.

Adox Polywarmtone® emulsion.

Technical info

The fixed contrast 2,5 was chosen as a perfect balance for most negatives. It slightly varies from 2,5 to 3, depending on the coating thickness. One 300 ml bottle coats 2.5-3 sqm.

ADOX has also released an emulsion hardener EMH-1, which can be used as a standalone bath or preferably added to the stop bath. ADOX Colloida C is a special coating gelatin, which is used for better adherence and emulsion spread over alternative surfaces. We stock both Adox EMH-1 and ADOX Colloida C.