A new paper is ‘born’ – the story of Hahnemühle Platinum Rag

In photography, handmade, analog prints in vintage style are en vogue in addition to the digital prints of today. A loyal community of collectors, museums, galleries and not least highly specialised print professionals who practice and teach the alternative photographic techniques such as platinum or palladium print need special papers for alternative processes. Hahnemühle has developed a new paper for these precious printing methods – hand in hand with artists.

Therefore the new Platinum Rag guarantees best image quality and conservation longevity.

“Printing experts from the US, Japan, Germany, Portugal, France and Italy have repeatedly asked for a new paper. So our paper technologists started a year ago the development phase and produced first sample badges. This was followed by extensive beta testing by users until the perfect product specification was found. Platinum Rag – a pure, natural white cotton paper – for alternative photographic printing processes was born”  Andrea Sippel, Product Manager, explains the invention of the new paper.

“Printers supported us full of enthusiasm and with their expertise all the time.

Originally developed for platinum and palladium printing, the paper is used and recommended for cyanotype, Kallitype, Van Dyke, salt and gum printing as well as carbon printing.

Main quality characteristics of the new Hahnemühle Platinum Rag are:
• the acid-free paper is unbuffered and contains no optical brighteners
• the paper is not ‘thirsty’ and absorbs the coating solution optimally
• clarifying the paper goes quickly
• prints feature rich tones and deep blacks
• 100% cotton fibers and the smooth, slightly textured surface ensure a pleasant feel
• the front and back can be printed equally without quality difference
• the consistency of different paper batches is very good and confirmed by printers
• the conservational features of the paper guarantees the longevity of prints

Print experts and beta testers are excited and write in forums or own blog posts about their experience with the new Hahnemühle Platinum Rag:

Kerik Kouklis (USA), whose image gracing is our Platinum Rag packaging says:
“As those who work with the historic alternative handmade processes know, a good print requires a good paper and we are forever on the search. Each process has its requirements for what constitutes a ‘good’ paper, and the requirements for platinum/palladium printing are among the strictest…Over the past nine months I … have been testing a brand new paper for platinum printing made by Hahnemühle … It holds up very well to repeated wet cycles and makes a beautiful, rich print … It can be printed on either side, the back having a very fine wire-side texture. ”
Read the full article from Kerik Kouklis here:

Christina Z. Anderson (USA):
“This new paper triumphs over papers I usually use for platinum printing methods. It is smooth, crisp, firm, not very absorbent, and prints beautifully on both back and front.

I tested gum over platinum, cyanotype over platinum, cyanotype alone, watercolor over platinum, and the paper stood up perfectly through several wet and dry cycles …Cyanotype on this paper is a gorgeous rich, deep blue.”
Read Christina’s detailed article on Facebook.