Adox Scala Reversal Kit for B/W Slide Processing To Mix 2000ml

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The ADOX Scala Kit only has two parts (plus an optional clear bath), radically simplifying the black&white reversal process. Simply mix the developer and bleach 1+1 with water, and get going!

The ADOX innovation in the new Scala Process is the complete avoidance of dichromates and other corrosives. This is the only reversal kit which can be shipped worldwide.

Another achievement after three years of R&D is the very stable liquid bleach. Even in diluted form it can be stored for up to 8 weeks.
You can really process the promised 8 rolls of film with this kit, without having to fear the bleach getting exhausted before you shoot all the rolls.
Opened, but undiluted bleach stays good for up to 16 weeks.

Scala advantages:
- Worldwide shipping
- Very comprehensive brochure (english) in printed form, coming with the kit
- Handling of only two concentrates
- Simple & straightforward 1+1 dilution
- Up to 8 weeks storage time of diluted components, and 16 weeks of opened bottles
- Very good DMAX (deep blacks), Low DMIN (no base fog)
- Low to none emulsion lift-off despite the dichromate-free eco-friendly bleach bath
- The kit has been tailored to work perfectly with Adox SCALA films

The box contains:
• 2x1000 ml liquid concentrates to make 2000 ml of working solution
• Powder bag to make 2000 ml of clear bath (working solution)


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