We have supplied valued customers worldwide for over 36 years and continue to do so, now on the following export terms.

European Union (EU) delivery terms: Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

We will confirm and charge you the delivery cost and any custom duties & fees required, including VAT at your EU country rate, before we ship your order. We are then responsible for the delivery of your order, including customs clearance, to the agreed destination. You will not be asked to pay any additional fees when your order is delivered. See our detailed Shipping Policy

Silverprint is signed up to IOSS for VAT: the Import One-Stop Shop electronic portal, allowing us to collect, declare and make payment of VAT to the tax authorities when selling to EU customers. This makes the process much easier for you, as you are charged your EU country VAT rate, at the time of placing your order.

Worldwide (Non EU) Delivery Terms: Delivery At Place (DAP)  

We will confirm and charge you the delivery cost, before we ship your order. We are then responsible for the delivery to your agreed destination.

The costs of carrying out all the necessary import formalities are expressly excluded. These are borne by you, meaning that all taxes incurred when importing to the country of destination must be paid by you. These exports outside the UK are tax free, meaning VAT will not be charged by us when you place your order.

Any VAT and/or customs fees due, in relation to the delivery destination country, must be paid by you, directly to the designated Freight Forwarder, when you are notified by them, prior to receipt of the delivery. See our detailed Shipping Policy