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Green: For panchromatic emulsions and black and white negatives. Minimum recommended working distance: 1 m.Bulb includedThis has a North American 2 Pin plug, will not work for UK sockets Orange:  240V. Complete with 15w "pygmy" bulb. Red dome for universal black and white use. May be placed on a horizontal surface or hung on the wall. Bulb included Red: AP's Red Safelight can be used as a  table-top or wall mounted, is manufactured in compliance with current EU safety standards and makes a great inexpensive option for every enlarger workstation.You can use it for high sensitivity, desensitised, orthochromatic emulsions and both Ilford and Kentmere multigrade papers. Minimum recommended working distance is 1 metre.Bulb 240 V 15w: APP 325000 Yellow: For low sensitivity silver bromide paper. Minimum recommended working distance: 2 m. Bulb 220 V: APP 325002

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