Tetenal Magic-Box C41 StarterKit For 1 Color Negative Film

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The TETENAL MAGIC-BOX© Beginner kit consisting of concentrates for colour developer, bleach fixer and stabilizer bath for the development of all colour negative films based on the process C-41.

The ideal kit for the first own film development of 1 Roll of 35mm film 135-36 or 1 roll of 120 film. range offers you a high level of performance, quality, safety, convenience, environmental friendliness and service.

MAGIC-BOX© – the best available technology for colour chemicals. MAGIC-BOX© C-41 RAPID NEGATIVE KIT has been specially designed for optimal development of each type of C-41 compatible colour negative film using rotary process. Developing Bath  

Size   (Mix/ Dilution)          

• First Developer 1.1   50 ml Concentrate   + 100 ml water for 250 ml working solution

• First Developer 1.2   50 ml Concentrate  

• First Developer 1.3   50 ml Concentrate            

• Bleach Fixer 2.1   50 ml Concentrate   + 150 ml water for 250 ml working solution • Bleach Fixer 2.2   50 ml Concentrate            

• Stabiliser 3   50 ml Concentrate   + 200 ml water for 250 ml working solution Magic-Box C-41 Negative Rapid 2 Bath Kit for processing 1 film.

Additionally you need:

• 1 absolutely dark room to insert the film (or a change bag)

• 1 developing box (e.g. JOBO 1510/1520, Paterson, A&P.) with a film spiral

• 1 Thermometer

• 1 Smartphone (or another clock to stop the times)

• 1 bowl (ideal in 30 × 40 cm with a high edge)

• 1 measuring cylinder (approx. 250 ml for measuring water)

• 1 measuring cup (approx. 1 litre for watering)

• 3 bottles, 250 ml each (as storage bottles for the freshly mixed baths)

• 1 waterproof pen to mark the bottles (you can also use adhesive labels)

• 2 clamps for hanging the developed film (e.g. clothes pegs)

• 1 pair of gloves

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