Tetenal Colortec E6 3 Bath Kit 2.5L


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With the “3-Bath technology” the number of processing baths is reduced to three (+ Stabilizer). The reversal takes place during the colour development. Bleaching and fixing are performed in a Bleach Fix. COLORTEC© E6 3 BATH KIT 2.5L SLIDE FILM DEVELOPER. The Tetenal COLORTEC© range offers a high level of performance, quality, safety, convenience, environmental friendliness and service. COLORTEC© - the “best available technology” for colour chemicals. COLORTEC© E-6 KIT "3-BATH" FOR 2.5 LITRES PACKAGE CONTENT: Tetenal COLORTEC© E-6 Kit "3-Bath" for 2.5 litres. Art. No. 102036. First Developer FD 500 ml conc. Colour Developer CD Part 1 500 ml conc. Colour Developer CD Part 2 500 ml conc. Bleach Fix BX Part 1 500 ml conc. Bleach Fix BX Part 2 500 ml conc. Stabilizer STAB 500 ml conc. 

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