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Moersch Easylith is reccomended for those new to Lith, these kits remove the complexity of the Lith process. 

The inexpensive alternative to get started with lith printing, and for all lith printing uses in which fine control over the process is unecessary. Dilution: 1+15 to 1+30

The Moersch Easylith 500ml kit yields 7.5 to 15 litres of working solution depending on the dilution, which can be mixed at a ratio between 1+15 and 1+30.

The 200ml comes in 2 parts, 100ml of Lith A and 100ml of Lith B. The 500ml comes in 2 parts, 250ml of Lith A and 250ml of Lith B.

The 1L comes in 2 parts, 500ml of Lith A and 500ml of Lith B. The 2L comes in 2 parts, 1000ml of Lith A and 1000ml of Lith B.

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