Moersch Tanol Speed 500 Divided Film Dev 2x 250ml

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Tanol Speed generates higher film speeds or shorter development times than Tanol. The stain is yellowish green and with some films the density of the base fog can be higher than usual. This developer is suitable for most films between 25 and 400 ASA. In most cases the nominal film speed according to ISO can be either reached or surpassed.

The standard dilution is 1+1+100. To reach a higher film speed, use an alternative dilution from our data sheet.

On Tmax film with a dilution of 1+1+130 you gain 1ÁDIN in film speed. On Rollei Retro100 and Ilford FP4 you can double the nominal film speed by extending development times. In contrast to conventional push development by means of underexposure and overdevelopment, the curve is not steeper but bellied up from the shadows to the mid tones.

This is a real gain in film speed without blocking the highlights. On some films this gain of up to one stop comes with an increase of the base fog. This developer is not suitable for high speed films like Delta 3200. For films that have a tendency to develop a dense base fog (Tri-X, Rollei Retros and IR) Finol is the better choice.

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