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Separol HE (high energy) is a print developer for neutral to cold black tones. Comes as a powder with starter solution + 50ml stabilising solution. For one litre of stock or 8-15 litres of working solution. Free of hydroquinone and caustic alkalis with a reduced sulphite amount. 

By the use of Separol NE, Soft and HE, the picture tone can be varied by adding one of the supplied "Picture tone stabilizers" within the limits of the used paper. The picture tone stays brownish-black if the stabilizer is not used. We would suggest adding at least 10ml of the stabilizer; best results with colder tones are obtained if 20-
30ml are added. Two tray development or fine adjustment through combining of NE, WA, HE with "Soft" is possible. At two tray development, pre-developing should take place in NE, HE or WA until the average tones
are satisfying, followed by highlights, appearing then in the second tray (Soft 1+5 up to 1+8).

Dilution: The stock has to be diluted 1+5 up to 1+10 with water. The working solution stays well for a few
Capacity: 1 litre working solution for 50 sheets of paper at 24x30 size.
Developing times: 2:30 _ 4 minutes at 20ÁC depending on the used brand, dilution and the amount of finisher. 

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