Kodak Xtol Developer 5L(Parts A & B)

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KODAK PROFESSIONAL XTOL Developer is a two-part powder developer for processing Kodak and other manufacturers’ normally exposed, pushed, or pulled black-and-white films. It offers full emulsion speed and easy mixing, and can be used as both a developer and a replenisher.

Kodak Xtol Film Developer is suitable for most professional black-and-white films. Xtol is an ascorbic acid developer, which yields a very high image quality at full emulsion speed. Contains developer part A and developer part B. Offers full emulsion speed and easy mixing. For use as both a developer and a replenisher. For use in: small or large tanks, tray, rotary tubes, replenished systems.

Keeping Properties: Stock solution in closed container (full)-approximately 1 year Working solution in a tray-24 hours (2 months in a tray).

Useful Capacity (unreplenished): Full strength in a tank or tray; 19-8x10 sheets per gal (5 per L).

• Convenient, room-temperature mixing.

• Produces fine grain and high sharpness.

• Provides more emulsion speed (shadow detail) than most developers for normal and push processing.

• Can also be used to replenish working-strength developer.

• For use with these films: T-MAX 100 / 100TMX, T-MAX 400 / 400TMY, T-MAX P3200 / P3200TMZ, PLUS-X 125 / 125PX, TRI-X 400 / 400TX, TRI-X 320 / 320TXP, High-Speed Infrared.

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