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A highly-sensitive oil-based magnetic particle aerosol for nonfluorescent (visible) wet method magnetic particle testing to locate fine and medium discontinuities on finished parts.

7HF provides clear, strong indications due to the heavy buildup of the highly magnetic particles. The convenient aerosol packaging is ideal for field testing, spot inspections and places where bulk processing is impractical, and the wide spray pattern makes it easy to cover large areas for faster processing during remote inspections of tubing, piping and large structures.


Maximize indication detection 

Find indications of all shapes and sizes thanks to the smallest particle on the market 

Heavy buildup of highly magnetic particles around all leakage fields make for heavy-contrast indications, especially when used with WCP-2 white contrast paint 

Convenient to use 

Inspect in all conditions without the need for darkness or UV lights 

The visible particles come in a convenient, aerosol format to be easily carried and used in the field 

Wide application versatility

Inspect a wide range of components without fear of corrosion or specification non-conformance

Clear indications under visible light 

Heavy particle buildup 

Great particle mobility 

Protects parts and equipment against corrosion 

Broad spray pattern provides even surface coverage over large areas 

Superior surface wetting 

Very small particle size 

Works in visible light 

Oil-based formula 

Very low toxicity 

Low odor

7HF consists of a suspension of magnetic particles in a high flash petroleum distillate.

Method of Application:
Aerosol spray is the only possible method of application. First, make sure that the inspected surfaces are clean and dry. For permanently magnetized parts, shake can until agitator rattles; cover surface with spray. When using the continuous magnetizing method, fix the part in the magnetizing unit, cover the surface quickly with 7HF Black spray, and immediately magnetize the part.

Clean Up:
Demagnetize the part, and wipe clean with rags dampened with either water or solvent. Complete removal of 7HF magnetic particle materials will be impossible if the part is not demagnetized.

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