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Liquid concentrate developer and fixer kit specifically for use with the ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor.

  • Liquid concentrate print developer kit
  • Kit includes developer and fixer
  • For use with ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor
  • High capacity

Ilford 2150XL Developer and Ilford 2150XL Fixer are liquid concentrate chemicals supplied as a kit specifically for use with the Ilfolab 2150 RC table top processor. 2150XL developer and fixer are, economical, easy to use, clean working, robust and have a high print capacity.

They are capable of producing superb quality prints from all Ilford resin coated papers as well as the many high quality resin coated papers made by other manufacturers. These chemicals should be used at a temperature 35°C (95°F).

With most neutral tone papers 2150XL developer gives an image color just slightly cool of neutral. The addition of a developer starter solution is not needed with 2150XL developer. 2150XL fixer is a non-hardening rapid fixer, it must not be used with fix hardeners. 2150XL fixer is not recommended for recycling or reuse as fixing efficiency for this system will be compromised.

However before disposal 2150XL fixer can have the silver recovered from it and compatible with all methods of silver recovery. For maximum efficiency electrolytic methods are recommended.


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