Spur Liquid Farmer 500ml A +500ml B For 5 - 15,000ml W/Sol

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LIQUID REDUCER (attenuator)

With a reducer you can "paint" on your prints . After Fixation and a brief watering the print can be placed on a flat surface (Plexiglass). Use a fine, soft sponge to selectively brighten certain areas of the print. The treated Image areas, which need to be treated immediately with fixator in the process to stop the illuminating process. Details unfold in their very own character due to the lightening of certain areas, especially those that have been printed to dark.

SECURITY AND HEALTH HAZARD!!!!: Reducer plus acetic acid forms hydrogen cyanide. HIGHLY TOXIC GAS. Keep the solution always far enough away from the stop bath!

Due to the fact that both liquids are separated in bottles marked A and B they both have exceedingly long shelf lives.

Active reducers as in many other reducers are only usable in a short period of time.

1 Liter Part I + 1 Liter Part II is good for up to 10 - 20 liters.

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