Hydra Sprint V2, Processor Stain Cleaner

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  • Foaming processor cleaner removes developer, stains, dyes, glue, polymer residues

    • Fast Acting Non-Fuming Foaming Processor Cleaner
    • Rapidly removes Stains, Dyes, Glues, Developer & Polymer Residues
    • Non-Fuming, fast acting Hydra Sprint V2 with unique clinging foam is as easy to rinse off as it is to apply.
    • Hydra Sprint V2 stops 'tram lines' or dirty marks on film. Stops racks/rollers from jamming and slipping.
    • Rapidly foams away chemical and developer tar stains from racks, rollers, tanks and casings.
    • CTP: Hydra Sprint V2 removes dye and stains from CTP plate processor rollers / tanks / casings.
    • Printing presses/Mail extraction: Hydra Sprint V2 removes ink and ink overspray from all equipment.
    • Excellent all-around multi-purpose cleaner.


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