Hydra Blitz V2, Foaming Processor Cleaner

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Automatic glass wash machine rinse aid for hard water hines.

  • Foaming Processor Deep Cleaner and Scale Remover
  • Specially Formulated to Remove the Heaviest Build-up.
  • Foams away years of developer, fix and scale build-up from the entire processor.
  • Use diluted to soak clean and de-scale tanks, re-circulation systems, pipe-work & water jackets.
  • Leaves metal gleaming. Hydra Blitz V2 is often called Hydra Sprint V2's big brother.
  • Hydra Blitz V2 is safe to use on all racks, rollers, and crossovers.
  • Hydra Blitz V2 foams away even heavy, chemically bonded tar, fix, bleach and scale deposits.
  • Hydra Blitz V2 removes old algae or mineral / water scale from wash tanks rollers.

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