Spur Modular UR New Part B 500ml

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A new kind of modular developer kit for all high-resolution document film. You can optimally develop all document films such as SPUR DSX/Agfa Copex Rapid, SPUR Orthopan UR, ADOX CMS 20, Kodak Technical Pan, Kodak Imagelink HQ and Rollei ATP 1.1 with excellent results.

For the development of high-resolution 35mm Film, equal parts of A and B are used. For absolutely fog-free development of the new SPUR DSX Rollfilm or, for example, the Agfa Copex Rapid rollfilm, Part C is also needed. The developer can be adjusted for specific film emulsions by varying the amounts of parts A, B, and C as well as the dilution and developing time.

SPUR Modular UR stands out because of it's extemely long shelf life and usage life. We currently give it a shelf life of roughly 4 years. You no longer need to measure it into individual 50ml glass bottles! The characteristics of our previous document film developer (sharpness, fine grain, resolution, exposure tolerance, gray scale) remain at least as good as they were, if not better.

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