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The Silverprint Print Box is a reasonably priced box for print storage and display, aimed at a level where the cost is low enough to build into job-costing, making an elegant though relatively cheap method of submitting material to clients. Made by the same company we use to build the Portfolio boxes, and the workmanship is to the same standard, although cheaper materials are used.

Two piece boxes, they are covered in tough black scuff-resistant paper, and are designed, like the Portfolio boxes with an extra 6mm to accept polyester sleeves. Depth of the boxes is 15mm. They will fit comfortably into the cordura bags, where there is a size available, and a bag will accept up to 4 Print boxes, or a mixture of 1 half depth Portfolio boxes with 2 x Print box.

Please note, our current stock of print boxes are slightly different than previous versions. The most noticeable difference is the internal colour.

These items can be subject to manufacturing delays. Please check stock levels before ordering. Internal colour: White External colour:

Black Dimensions

5x7 Inch x15mm        183 x 127 x 22 mm

8x10 Inch x15mm      269 x 218 x 15 mm

A4 Inch x15mm          313 x 225 x 15 mm

9.5x12 Inch x15mm   319 x 256 x 15 mm

10x12 Inch x15mm    319 x 270 x 15 mm

11x14 Inch x15mm    371 x 296 x 15 mm

12x16 Inch x15mm   421 x 319 x 15 mm

A3 Inch x15mm        437 x 313 x 15 mm

A3+ Inch x15mm     497 x 347 x 15 mm

16x20 Inch x15mm  523 x 421 x 15 mm

A2 Inch x15mm        612 x 438 x 15 mm

20x24 Inch x15mm  625 x 524 x 15 mm

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