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SILVERMAX developer has ben especially formulated for the SILVERMAX 21 film.
It is activating the silent reserve sleeping in each SILVERMAX 21 film by expanding the photographic capabilities of the film.
The DMAX is reduced and the curve extended. Thus SILVERMAX developer yields in combination with SILVERMAX 21 film a total of up to 14 zones in the negative.

Dilution: 1+29 (10 ml plus 290 ml of water to mix 300 ml)


Developing time for SILVERMAX 21 film:

11 Minutes at 20°C

(Agitate the first half minute continuosly and then tilt every 30 seconds once)

Concentrate: 100 ml´s
Type: Compensating with finest grain
Mixing: One-Shot Developer
Shipping: Worldwide Shipping Possible
Capacity: 12 Films

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