Hama Uni 5-in-1 Lens Set MC For Smartphones And Tablets

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Hama "Uni" 5-in-1 Lens Set, MC for Smartphones and tablets

What do the words fisheye, wide angle, macro, polarizing and telephoto all have in common? They are all part of the lens kit. They also help you take sensational photos with your smartphone without a reflex camera.

Colour Black 


Component Fisheye Lens/Lens Cap/Macro Lens/Storage Bag/Telephoto Lens/Universal Lens Clip/Wide-Angle Lens 

Logistics (Number, Presentation) 

Set Contents in Pieces 12 

Physical Properties 

Material Aluminium Alloy/Lens Glass 

More product information 

For unusual photo and selfie perspectives with a smartphone and tablet
Five different lenses for five different photo effects: 180° fish eye, 0.65X wide-angle, macro lens, polar filter and 2-way telephoto lens

1. Fish eye: Allows you to photograph the area surround the scene in an focused, distorted, hemispherical shape - for an artistic picture effect
2. Wide-angle lens: For widening the camera angle to depict a broader scene in the image
3. Macro lens: Works like a miniature microscope and is ideal for photographing small objects such as flowers or insects in detail
4. Polar filter with rotary mount, colour-neutral: Increases the contrast and brings depth to the picture, creates powerful colours and removes reflections. Depending on the filter setting, the contrast and depth change and non-metallic reflections (water, plastic, glass, etc.) are eliminated
5. 2x telephoto lens: for 2-times magnification, ideal for landscape shots and for making people in the distance appear larger
High-quality glass lenses
Multiple coatings
Metal mounts
Universal lens clip with metal mount fits a wide range of mobile phones / smartphones and tablets
Simply attach using the clip-on quick connector on the camera lens
Compact format, storage bag and clip-on make the lenses ideal for on the move - they can be easily used at any time
Includes high-quality storage bag to offer the lenses maximum protection
What's in the Box

1 fish-eye lens 

1 wide-angle lens 

1 macro lens 

1 polar filter 

1 2-way telephoto lens 

2 universal lens clip 

4 lens caps 

1 storage bag 

Note for Consumers 

The wide-angle lens works only in conjunction with the macro lens. The macro lens can be used on its own; to do this, simply unscrew the wide-angle lens.


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