Secol P12 AS Polyester File 50 Sheets (AS107P12)

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Archival album pages made from a special grade of polyester. All pages have outer dimensions of 315 x 260mm and are 4-hole punched. The spine of all pages also allows use as a cabinet hanging file by the insertion of a suspension rod through the binding edge. All pocket dimensions are internal, to accept contents of size stated up to 0.5mm thickness.

All pages are packed in 50's. 

12 pockets, suitable for mounted 2.25 in transparencies, or single neg frames, Coins, tickets etc. 

Hanging A-S 12 Pockets Pages 

Product Code: AS107P12 Pack Size 50x 

Format: A4 

Material :Polyester 

Dimensions: Overall 317 x 260mm 

Internal: 12 Pockets 76 x 76mm

The Hanging A-S 12 Pockets Pages have a separate binding edge with access to material from the Punched Edge.

Exclusive high-clarity, chemically inert Polyester material provides long-term protection against fading and colour loss, yellowing etc.

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