Kodak Ektacolor Sp Bleach Fix Replenisher Lorr 2 X 10L

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Kodak Ektacolor Prime SP Bleach-Fix Replenisher Lorr joins the developer as a single-part product with convenient mixing.
There is also Kodak Ektacolor Prime SP Bleach-Fix Starter that is used with Ektacolor Prime SP Bleach-Fix Replenisher LORR to make fresh working tank solutions. Note! Prime Lorr Chemicals are designed for minilabs with the time and temperature specificationsThese chemicals feature reduced replenishment rates that minimize process effluent and packaging waste; the lower rates also mean less frequent chemical mixing in busy minilab environments
Kodak Ektacolor Prime Lorr Chemicals are intended for customers who have an average to high-volume operation and can benefit most from these features This product has been improved to have a more preferred lemon scent Reduced number of mixes - same volume, but the replenisher lasts longer
The developer is a single-part solution, with the same easy to mix features as Prime SP Developer
The bleach-fix is formulated for very efficient silver removal The stabilizer is formulated to give clean working tanks, even with the reduced replenishment rates Reduced effluent volume cuts disposal costs, and the number of times the effluent containers have to be emptied is reduced Easy to recognize color coding used for all Kodak minilab chemicals Packed in the specially designed Kodak bottles, which have excellent pouring and emptying characteristics.

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