Spur HRX Entwickler 0.5L 2x 250ml

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Extremely fine grain developer. The HRX is the successor of the SPUR HRX 3.
Maximum sharpness and an unusual high contrast. Compared to other good developers the HRX still shows higher sharpness and unusual detail in the contrast. With the HRX resolution could be improved to great extent.

Use with any high- and ultra sensitive as well as low speed and sensitive films.

The minimum amount for a 35 mm film is 10 ml concentrate for 250 ml (deluding: 1+19 or 1+24)

The difference between HRX (new) and HRX 3:

Now part A is much more durable (higher shelf life) than before. (Part B as always can be stored indefinitely)

The HRX is shipped now in gas-tight PET bottles so durability is further improved.

Most emulsions (not all!) result in a very fine grain leading to higher sensitivity.

The rotations during processing where reduced from 1 x every 30 seconds to 1 x 60 every seconds.

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