Adox Scala 50 BW 35mm 36 Exposures

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The new ADOX SCALA 50 is a high resolution B/W slide film with a high copy range, low DMIN and very good DMAX. It is coated onto a clear PET base.

The films is based on ADOX HR-50 with "SPEED BOOST" technology. The new ADOX SCALA 50 can be reversal developed in the new ADOX reversal kit with neutral image tones (ships after April 1st) or alternatively with Studio 13 in Stuttgart yielding a slightly warmer tone.

The market introduction of the 120 version is planned in short time now. Emulsion: Superpanchromatical

Resolution: Up to 280lp/mm at an image contrast of 1000:1

ISO: 50/17 Base: 0,1mm PET

Anti Halation: Combined AHU/NC

Filmtype:Black&White Film Format:35 mm

Speed:SO 50/18 Length:36 Exposures

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