Fotospeed DY15 Fotodye Kit 12x15ml


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Fotospeed DY15 Fotodyes are designed to be used on any photographic emulsion. As true dyes, they are completely absorbed by the emulsion leaving no surface marking. The dyes come in 11 different colours with one reducer which can be used to correct mistakes by either partially removing Fotodye from the print or fully removing the colour. It has no adverse effect on BW or colour prints.

All the dyes can be fully intermixed and /or dilutedto produce any colour or shade required. The dyes are extremely concentrated and caution should initially be exercised when diluting for use. It is very rare to use the dye undiluted except to colour 35mm title slides. When using for the first time, we suggest you test the strength of colour on scrap prints. As a first test use 3 drops of dye to 1 teaspoon of water. You can then see the effect of stronger colour by adding more drops of dye.

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