Archival Negative Box 127mm L x 178mm W x 254mm H (5" x 7" x 10")

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Our premium acid free document filing storage boxes are made of lignin free cellulose fibres for both purity and strength. The boxes are acid free with a pH of approximately 8.5 and buffered with approximately 3% calcium carbonate to retard the effects of migrant acidity. The combination of our strong, durable 1.5mm thickness board in a blue colour and metal edged construction make these boxes your best choice for lasting archival protection.

Document Filing Box Features

  • Metal edge for strength, no adhesives to dry out or off gas.
  • Acid free buffered box board protects documents.
  • Strong 1.5mm thick board provides strength and protection.
  • PAT (photographic activity test) passed ANSI ISO 18916

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