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Catechol is used as a black-and-white photographic developer, but, except for some special purpose applications, its use is largely historical. It is rumoured to have been used briefly in Eastman Kodak's HC-110 developer and is rumoured to be a component in Tetenal's Neofin Blau developer. 
It is a key component of Finol from Moersch Photochemie in Germany. Modern catechol developing was pioneered by noted photographer Sandy King. His "PyroCat" formulation is popular among modern black-and-white film photographers.

Appearance (Color) Appearance (Form)

Solubility (Color) Solubility (Turbidity) 50 mg/ml, H2O

in EtOH

Wavelength Purity (GC)

Specification: PRD.2.ZQ5.10000008274

White to Faint Beige
Powder or Crystals or Crystalline Chunk(s) or Granule or Flakes or Solid Colorless to Faint Yellow

2.58 - 2.72

278 - 279 nm >_ 99 %

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