Ars Imago C41 Kit Color Negative Rapid Kit 1L


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Ars-imago 41 is a kit for the development of color negative films and is formulated for C-41 process.

Main features and benefits: Development in a single solution ready to be diluted extra rapid bleach Excellent results even without temperature control

Kit contains:

1 Developer 41 - 260 ml

1 Bleach 41 - 1L

1 Fixer 41 - 500 ml

1 Stabilizer 41 - 100 ml

Preparation: Developer (1+4) 260ml developer + 760 water = 1L Bleach (Stock) 1000ml = 1L working solution Fixer (1+1) 500ml fixer + 500ml water = 1L Stabilizer (1+99) 10ml stabilizer + 990ml water = 1L

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