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Bergger Berfix Neutral Fixer is a new neutral fixer, suitable for both films and papers.

This very high quality fixer allow the photographer to avoid an acidic stop bath. A water stop bath is recommended.

For film, water stop bath allows the shadows to be more developed than highlights. If you want to reuse the fixer, we recommend a dilution of 1+4. Then, you can develop 20 films with one liter of working solution. If you prefer to dilute 1+9, then you can fix 5 films.

The use of  BERFIX NEUTRAL is highly recommended following BERGGER PMK developer processing.

For paper, we recommend a dilution of 1+4, and suggest not to immerse paper in the fixer for more than 90 seconds.


  • Universal Fixer, suitable for films and papers
  • Neutral pH
  • dilution for use : 1+4  1+9
  • packaging  : 1L ou 5L
  • Made in Germany

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