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The Copic Ciao 72 Colour Set A &B are a large collection of colours perfect for Manga, illustration and fine art work.

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COPIC Ciao is a marker for beginners, pupils, students and hobby artists. Equipped with a medium broad and a super brush nib, it can be used for any purpose. The colours can be mixed on the surface or layered on top of each other.

The Ciao markers are alcohol based and therefore non-toxic. They are fast drying and will not smear. With VARIOUS INK they can be refilled with identical colours, thus making the ciao very economical. The coloured caps allow for exact colour identification.

Double ended and equipped with both medium broad and super brush nibs, the Copic Ciao is an affordable marker for beginners, students and hobby artists. Copic Ciao markers are alcohol based, non-toxic and fast drying. Colours can be mixed on a surface or layered over each other for amazing results, whilst the solid polypropylene body makes the Ciao Marker both smooth and comfortable for a perfect, controllable grip.

Copic colours included in the Copic Ciao 72 Colour Set A are: Y00, Y02, Y06, Y08, Y17, YR02, YR00, YR20, YR04, YR07, R20, R02, R32, R27, R29, R59, RV29, RV10, RV02, RV21, RV04, RV42, RV23, V12, V04, V17, V09, BV00, BV02, BV04, BV08, B00, B32, B23, B24, B05, B29, B39, BG01, BG10, BG23, BG15, BG09, BG93, G00, G02, G21, G05, G17, G99, YG11, YG41, YG03, YG06, YG67, E00, E51, E21, E02, E33, E35, E37, E04, E29, E47, E08, C1, C3, C5, C7, 100 and 0 Colourless Blender.

Set B contains 1 of each :- B93, B95, B97, E11, E31, E43, E49, E50, E53, E57, E71, E77, E93, E95, W1, W3, W5, W7, YG63, YG91, YG95, G000, G07, G14, G28, G85, G94, BG05, BG34, BG49, BG96, B02, B12, B45, B60, B63, R17, R22, R35, R37, R46, R85, YR16, YR23, YR31, YR61, YR68, Y11, Y15, Y21, Y28, Y38, YG00, YG23, BV13, BV17, BV23, BV29, BV31, V000, V06, V15, V91, V95, RV000, RV06, RV13, RV34, RV95, R00, R05, R11

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