Faber Castell Pitt Hand Lettering Pens Wallet 6

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The Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Drawing Pen is a superb art product featuring high-quality pigment ink that is waterproof as well as odourless, acid-free and pH neutral. Ideal for graphic artists, designers, illustrators, calligraphers and architects.

The Hand Lettering Sets of 6 contain:

Pastels: superfine 199 Black and 156 Cobalt Green; brush-tipped 154 Light Cobalt Turquoise, 162 Light Phthalo Green, 129 Pink Madder Lake and 104 Light Yellow Glaze.

Blues: superfine 247 Indanthrene Blue; brush-tipped 120 Ultramarine, 148 Ice Blue, 154 Light Cobalt Turquoise, 153 Cobalt Turquoise and 136 Purple Violet.

Greens: superfine 199 Black and 170 May Green; brush-tipped 170 May Green, 112 Leaf Green, 167 Permanent Green Olive and 223 Deep Red.

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