Fotospeed FD10 Film Developer

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Fotospeed FD10 is a fine grain black & white film developer concentrate giving rated film speed and the high edge sharpness expected from solvent type developers. It is a one shot developer which gives identical results on each occasion with the need to store stock solution eliminated.


Fotospeed FD10 concentrate should be diluted by measuring the required amount of concentrate into a measure and adding water to the required volume. Two dilution ratios are given.

Dilute either 1+9 or 1+14 at 20°C.

Normal tank practice should be followed for agitation ensuring that the tank is tapped on the bench after filling with developer to dislodge any air bubbles that may adhere to the film. Normal contrast refers to the use of enlargers fitted with a condenser lamphouse, and high contrast refers to the use of enlargers fitted with a diffuser or colour mixing head.


FD10 is suitable for rotary drum use. Due to continuous agitation, processing times should be reduced by 15% to those published.


A full tightly capped bottle of Fotospeed FD10 will keep for at least one year and a half full bottle for about four months.



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