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Fotospeed CD11 & CF41 machine chemistry comprises a developer/replenisher and a fixer /replenisher and is
supplied as a liquid concentrate. These chemicals are intended for use at normal rapid access processing temperatures (30-32°C) where fully processed and dried prints can be viewed about 70 seconds after feed in.
At machine processing temperatures CD11 developer gives similar speed, contrast and quality to that
expected from conventional dish processing. However, as a system designed to be replenished, it may be used for several months before being replaced with fresh solutions. CD11 and CF41 are available in 1 litre concentrates for use in Nova Slot and Durst Printo processors where the advantages of fast B/W print processing are desirable, but the requirement for 5 litre concentrates are not.


CD11 developer and CF41 fixer are designed to be made up in the machine replenisher tanks. Care should be taken not to splash chemicals when mixing as this can lead to contamination. Dilute CD11 developer/replenisher 1+4 with water to make working strength developer. Dilute CF41 fixer/replenisher 1+4 with water to make working strength fixer.

This will vary according to the individual processing conditions, but the table below may be used as a guide.


Both CD11 and CF41 will keep for at least one year in sealed bottles.


CD DEVELOPER REPLENISHMENT 55ml/Minute (150mls of processed paper)
CD41 FIXER REPLENISHER 90ml/Minute (150mls of processed paper)

The above values are equivalent to 15ml and 25ml of developer and fixer respectively, for every two 8x 10in prints processed.



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