Fotospeed RT20 Copper/Red Toner 150ml Makes up to 1.5Litres

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Fotospeed RT20 Copper/Red Toner is a liquid toner which is supplied in a two part concentrate that makes a single working solution. It is specifically designed for the toning of Fibre and Resin Coated B&W papers. The
shade of the Copper/Red tone is adjusted by the length of time the print is allowed to stay in the working solution. The longer it remains in the solution the more toned it becomes.


Part 1: Dilute 1+4 with water to make half the volume of working solution required.

Part 2: Dilute 1+4 with water to make half the volume of working solution required.

Pour the two diluted solutions into the same processing dish and ensure that they are well mixed together The toner is now ready to use.

Prints for Copper/Red toning should ideally be up to 15% denser than normal to compensate for the slight reducing effect of this toner.

Having selected the print to be toned ensure that it has been fully fixed and washed. In the case of dry prints first soak them in water to ensure that the emulsion is fully wet. This takes about one minute. Now put the print into the dish of toner working solution and agitate it gently. The toning time takes anything from 1 minute to a maximum of 10 minutes when no further toning will take place.

You will have to decide the shade of tone you require by observing the change in colour and removing your print from the solution when ready.

Now fully wash the print for 5 minutes for resin coated papers and for 15 minutes for fibre based papers. Dry in the normal manner. Wipe the surface of the print with paper towel while it is in the wash to remove the scum deposited during the toning process.

The whole procedure should be done under normal
room or daylight conditions.


Working solutions do not keep. Concentrates keep for at least one year in sealed bottles.

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