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Argyrotype takes the photographer back to first principals - using a silver based sensitising solution which is coated onto a quality art paper. Exposure by natural sunlight (a UV light source may be used as an alternative. We have found that even on a cloudy day the best exposures are made using natural daylight) development in water and fixation using a simple hypo solution. Argyrotype prints are brown and warm toned giving good contrast and midtone definition. Being silver based they can then be toned and dyed as they would have been in the early days. All images are made by the contact system, where the image depends on a negative of the appropriate size.

 The Kit comes with everything needed to make Argyrotype prints. Contains: 5 sheets 8x10in Fabriano5 HP paper, 5 sheets 8x10in Digital contact film, 2ml syringe 50ml bottle of Argyrotype sensitiser, 2 coating rods - one 4 inch, one 7 inch, 140gms of Hypo Crystals, protective gloves and full detailed instructions for use.



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