Hama Slide Sleeves for 20 Mounted Slides 5x5cm, 25 sheets

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  • Sleeves for permanently and clearly archiving framed small-format slides
  • Safe storage: to protect your valuable slides from external influences such as dust and light and moisture
  • Individual storage: Compile slides according to image sequence or theme, for example
  • Tidy storage: one slide mount per pocket, filled from the top
  • For 20 slide mounts in thicknesses up to 2.3 mm, glass-free
  • Clear sleeve made from stable polypropylene for excellent visibility of the slides - allows the contents to be viewed quickly
  • Filing margin with Euro holes: for two-hole and four-hole folders
  • Also suitable for other collecting passions
  • 25 slide sleeves
2 years legal warranty only.

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