Hama Selfie 90 Self-Monopod

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Hama "Selfie 90" Self-Monopod

Being extendable, this monopod gadget gives you an easy way to take stunning group shots or selfies. It is intended for use with digital cameras or GoPro cameras and helps you to capture a wider perspective. Extend your photographic possibilities today with Hama!

2 in1 system for 1/4 inch threads and GoPro cameras

Self monopod that is ideal for sports and action shots e.g. for filming yourself when skiing
The telescopic pole is extendable up to 90 cm and ideal for situations where additional height is necessary to capture the desired images, e.g. at action recordings, concerts, for difficult-to-capture subjects or group pictures

Completely new perspectives are possible with this self monopod
Connection for all cameras with a tripod thread, e.g. action cameras or digital cameras and GoPro connection
Non-slip foam grip with a hand strap and snap hook for a firm and secure grip
Can also be used as a tripod extension


Hama Selfie Stick 90 – Achieve the Impossible

Opening up an entirely new perspective for the capture of photo and video, the Hama Selfie Stick 90 allows you to achieve shots that would have previously been impossible without someone standing behind the camera. Perfect profile picture opportunity, but there’s no one there to capture it? Bring out the Hama Selfie Stick 90! Don’t want anyone missing from a group shot to take the photo? Bring out the Hama Selfie Stick 90! Crowds in the way of capturing an image at a concert or event? Bring out the Hama Selfie Stick 90! Also ideal for action and sports shots, capture of difficult subjects and self-portraits, the Selfie Stick can be used for a wide range of situations and subjects.

Compatible with a Range of Cameras and Phones

Securely fixing to any camera supporting a 1/4” (6.3mm) tripod thread and Go Pro models, the versatile Selfie Stick permits the mounted device to be telescopically extended away from you, elevating it to a height of 90cm for capturing the desired image. Also compatible with most mobile and smartphones through use of the appropriate holder (sold separately – Hama ID: 00004351), as well as functioning as a portable tripod extension, the Hama Selfie Stick is the ultimate mobile photo/video accessory.

Keep a Grip on your Device

Folding down to fit perfectly in a pocket or kit bag, the Selfie Stick is designed to be taken everywhere, documenting your journey to the extremes. A non-slip foam covered handle ensures a comfortable yet firm grip, with additional hand strap and snap hook for extra security, preventing your phone or camera becoming lost or damaged during those high action shots.

What's in the Box

1 "Selfie 90" self-monopod
1 hand strap
1 snap hook
Note for Consumers

Can also be used in combination with mobile phones and smartphones. For attaching the mobile phone to the threaded connection you need an appropriate holder which is sold separately under item number 00004351.


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