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Leave Your Camera Lenses, Screen and more Smear Free and Sparkling!The Hama Antistatic Cloth does away with solvents, harsh cleaning products and messy liquids which can leave ugly and problematic smears that ruin the photo quality. Just use the soft and gentle Hama Antistic Cloth made from 100% cotton, follow the contours of the lens and screen and remove any large dirt, grime or dust particles, even in those hard to reach places. The cloth is light brown/tan and can be used over and over again to keep your photo/video equipment clean. It can also be used on other optical surfaces including CDs and DVDs and is compact, making it easily storable in your camera bag. The antistatic effect prevents dust from accumulating again after the cleaning process Removes dirt and dust from all optical surfaces and negative strips Cleaning cloth of superior quality, made of 100% cotton, for lint-free cleaning Cleans effectively thanks to its high-quality fibre structure

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