Hama Pneu 40 Lens Brush

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  • Air blower with a brush for gently cleaning lenses and eyepieces
  • With a brush for removing heavy soiling and coarse particles
  • The dust blower removes dust, crumbs and other small particles without touching the surface
  • Valve system creates an optimal gust of air
  • With a protective cap
  • Environmentally friendly as neither liquid nor chemicals are required for cleaning
  • Talc free


  • Lenses and optical surfaces often have sensitive surfaces and coatings that require specialist cleaning equipment to avoid damage. Designed especially for use with such equipment as lenses, sensors, mirrors and eyepieces, the Hama Pneu 41 lens brush consists of a simple design of an air blower with integrated brush for the effective removal of loose dust, dirt and other particles. Allowed to accumulate, these could otherwise negatively impact upon the quality of images and photographs.

    The valve system of the blower produces optimum gusts of air via a 40mm bellow, allowing dust and dirt to be swiftly removed with a sudden puff of air. This removes the need for the delicate surfaces to be touched or to come into contact with any nasty chemicals and makes the Hama Pneu 41 Brush a much greener, environmentally friendly option. Any remaining particles can then simply be swept away using the soft bristles of the lens brush for a smear free finish. The brush also comes complete with protective cap to keep bristles clean and in good condition when travelling in a kit bag or pocket for reliable optical cleaning on the move.

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