Hama Umbrella Holder for Flash Units with Attachment Foot

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  • Outstanding arrangement of the subject and a good play with lighting and shadow are important for excellent photos and the first step towards professional photography. In order to achieve high-quality photos you need a basis of good equipment and the knowledge that allows you to use this equipment.

    A studio umbrella allows you to have professional photos by giving light without shadow and is therefore a key element in any studio or portrait work. In order to create the best light in your photos you will need a Flash Bracket from Hama which allows you to directly fix a flash unit to your umbrella.

    The flash bracket is simply attached to a tripod by means of a ¼” (6.4mm) tripod socket; the umbrella is then simply pushed through the hole and secured in place. The flash shoe on the bracket is adjustable right through 180° to let you play around with angles until you find where the light works best for your photo, and then it can be locked into position. Feel like a professional photographer with the accessories that are going to allow you to achieve a flawless picture; make sure your pictures aren’t left in the dark with the Flash Bracket from Hama.

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