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Explore Pebeo multi-surface reactive Fantasy Prisme paint.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme is a fantastic range of multi surface craft paint available in 28 colours. Easy to use, can be applied with a dropper, brush or directly from the bottle on flat and horizontal surfaces. The Prisme effect reveals itself while drying to display a unique honeycomb pattern.

The colours can be used on almost all surfaces including; metal, wood, ceramic, canvas, glass, terracotta, porcelain, mirror, jewellery and much more. Dries to an enameled appearance, with a glossy and opaque finish.

Set includes a selection of popular colours: 20 Eggshell White, 24 Buttercup, 12 Vermilion, 13 English Red, 25 Pearl Violine, 36 Midnight Blue, 40 Turquoise, 18 Emerald, 33 Cinnamon, 51 Onyx, 32 Antique Gold, 50 Moonstone.

12 x 20ml.

Made in France. Packaging is recyclable and made from 66% recycled card.

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