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Everything that the beginner needs to start in Platinum or Palladium printing:

Read the full PDF for instructions and easy it is to get into this alternative world of photography and make beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints.

The contents of the kit include:

Sensitizing Solution:
Potassium Chloroplatinate 20% Sol.A 10ml
Sodium Chloropalladate 17% Sol.A 25ml
Ferric Oxalate 30% Sol.B 25ml
Ferric Oxalate.30% and Potassium Chlorate 1% Sol. C 25 ml

Ammonium Citrate 500 grams

Clearing baths:
Tetrasodium EDTA crystals 500 grams
Sodium Sulphite 500 grams

Amber PET Plastic bottle 3
Pipette 5
Brush 40 mm 1
Bergger Cot 320 Paper 25 x 15 cm 3
Plastic Gloves 1

The kit contains enough to coat 20-25 pieces of 8x10-inch paper.
The developer can be stored and reused after use. Never throw it away, it improves with time. It is a good practice to top it up though periodically.
The best wavelength for exposure is UV-B (315-280 nm), ideally 260 nm or sunlight. Do not be tempted to use inexpensive UV lights for exposure as very often they are not the correct wavelength.

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