Gold Toner Kit for Van Dyke & Kallitype Prints (Kit41)


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Van Dyke print – Gold toningA good formula to gold tone a Van Dyke print is the Clerc's formula.With this recipe you can obtain a tone range that goes from dark red to neutral grey. In some case you could obtain both tones at the same time.The formula is as follows:Gold trichloride (so. 1%) 50mlThiourea (sol. 1%) 50mlTartaric acid 0,5grSodium chloride 20grDistilled water 1000ml The kit is already coming mixed up in one bottle, picture is illustration only, Preparation of the solution:Add the thiourea solution to the gold trichloride solution until the precipitate dissolves. Dissolve the tartaric acid in 600ml of distilled water. Add the gold-thiourea solution to the tartaric acid solution and stir well. At the end add the sodium chloride, bring to 1000ml and shake until the solution will turn transparent. Store in a dark bottle. This preparation won't expire before 1 yeartime.To tone a 8x10” print you need about 40-50ml of toner. To minimize the necessary amount we suggest you use a tray with a perfectly flat bottom. Dispose of the toner after you use it, it won't work a second time.Toning must be done right after the development and a quick rinse; afterwords proceed with the fixer as usual, then wash throughly for at least 30-40 minutes.Due the difficulties in preparing this solution, we supply it ready in quantity of 1000ml. Those, who would like to prepare it by themselves, can buy the required chemicals on this website.Chemical products used in this procedure are to be considered toxic and non-suitable for human or animal consumption. As a user you must be aware of the risks and take care to protect the environment. Never dispose of chemical waste in a domestic sewage or with common garbage. For a correct disposal please see your local disposal laws.

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