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A Pebeo Initiation set of Setasilk colours.

Pebeo Setasilk paints are lively and intense colours that make all the classic silk painting techniques available to all.

Made from resins and finely dispersed pigments. Setasilk colours are easily iron fixed. Colours intermix easily and offer palette of rich and luminous tones. Setasilk does not alter the flexibility of the fabric and is suitable for all types of silk, including twill, pongee, crepe and damask.

Set includes a selection of popular colours: #01 Primary Yellow, #07 Magenta, #10 Iris, #13 Cyan, #21 Chestnut and #29 Ebony.

6 x 20ml.

Made in France. Packaging is recyclable and made from 66% recycled card.

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