Printfile BOPP1620 Crys ClearProtec Resealable Ad Strip 100(P063-1620)

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Resealable pockets/bags in archival quality acid free polypropylene. Adhesive strip on bag body to prevent snagging on contents. Sizes suitable for storage of comic books, A4, A3, 400mm x 500mm prints and larger documents like newspapers.

  • Crystal clear bags are an ideal way to present, protect and store all types of images
  • 91 micron (3.6 mil) (BOPP) biaxially oriented polypropylene is completely archival and safe for long-term storage
  • Reusable adhesive strip designed to withstand repeated opening and closing
  • Adhesive strip is placed on the body (not flap) of the bag to aid in safely inserting and removing art work
  • Sealed on 3 sides and opening on short side with 2" flap
  • PAT passed
  • 100 bags per package
  • Open on one short side with 50mm flap.

See Item description below for dimensions.

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