Printfile 710-1CB 1x 7 1/2 x10 3/4 Inch Comic Book 25 Pk(P416-0648)

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Acid free archival comic book storage page for long term protection of comics. Multi-hole punched pockets to fit in standard binders.

  • Each binder page holds 1 comic book (see pocket size below for fit)
  • High clarity 100 micron polypropylene front and back with a total thickness of 200 micron to protect from damage when viewing.
  • Acid free with no PVC to protect from aging and yellowing
  • Multi hole punched to fit standard/oversize album or binder
  • 25 pages per pack
  • Print File Preserver 710-1CB

Pocket Size: 171mm W x 267mm H

Overall Dimensions: 191mm W x 273mm H

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