Zone Imaging 510 Pyro, 100ml with 5ml oral syringe

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  • A 100ml bottle develops 30-100 35mm rolls, 6+ years shelf life.

  • Razor sharp and extremely fine grained - most ISO 100 films go grainless! Very long tonal range particularly in shadows and highlights.

  • Protects the film by hardening the emulsion and the development time is the same, whether or not the negative is to be scanned, printed with conventional darkroom techniques , cyanotype or platinum.

Excellent Pyro developer that develops 30-100 35mm rolls, 6+ years shelf life

"510 Pyro is one of the Three Pyro Giants." - John Finch, Pictorial Planet

510 Pyro is one of the more modern pyro developers that was invented by the legendary Jay DeFehr, offering exceptional fine grain, sharpness, more than 6 years shelf life, maximum image stain and minimal general stain and suitable for rotary processors too.

By using extremely dilute working solutions - 1:100 to 1:500, this makes this developer also extremely economical!

Images kindly provided by;
Neil Legg: House, Landscape, Statue, Tree Close Up
Peter Langman: Portrait Image

In summary:

1) Tanning and staining properties - extreme fine grain and high acutance: finer and sharper than Xtol; better scanning tonal range
2) Proportional staining colour property - easier darkroom prints and more pleasing alt prints. The inbuilt variable low contrast yellow filter for highlights and not affecting shadows allows more stops of dynamic range possible at grade 2 on VC paper compared to an identical negative of the same composition and lighting done with, for example, D76 1+1. Increased density for highlights for alt prints. Thus a negative triply optimised for the three different outputs, previously not possible.
3) 6+ year shelf life, high dilution (30 rolls minimum per bottle), biodegradable
4) Times available for almost 50 films
5) Used by the Ilford Master Photographers, prominent alternative printers, labs and countless hobbyists
Testimonials of 510 Pyro can be found here:  

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