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Fimo Leather Effect Modelling Clay is fantastic polymer clay that features a similar look and feel to leather. It allows you to explore new creative ideas, with a textured effect that lends itself to a huge range of projects.

Perfect for indulging your DIY inspiration, the oven-hardening modelling clay is more flexible and elastic compared to other hardened Fimo clays. You can handle this like leather or other textile materials, but it also allows for 3D modelling. The clay can be used for braiding, piercing, embossing, cutting and sewing.

Due to the easy handling and unique structure of the new Fimo modelling clay, many techniques used to handle leather can be applied. It allows you to create and decorate handbags, necklaces, bracelets and more.

For oven-hardening, simply place your modelled item on aluminium foil or a glass plate and let it harden in the oven for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 120°C/265°F. Your clay design will only be completely hardened when cooled down to room temperature.

57g (2 oz.)
Colour: Dove Grey
Oven-hardening professional modelling clay
Oven bake at 120°C/265°F for 30 minutes
Features the look and feel of leather
More flexible and plastic than other hardened FIMO clays
Use for 3D modelling, braiding, piercing, embossing, cutting and sewing
Ideal for creating jewellery, home crafts and more

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