Silverprint Portfolio Box

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Size: 8x10
Internal Colour: White
Depth: 3.5cm
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Our SP Portfolio Boxes are craftsman made, using quality materials to offer long term, archival storage of valuable documents and photos.

These boxes are covered in black buckram cloth. The materials are both acid and chlorine free. The adhesives used are both pH neutral and solvent free.

The sizes denote the maxium document size to fit the box.For museum quality, see our card lined Silverprint Archival Portfolio Boxes.These items can be subject to manufacturing delays. Please check stock levels before ordering.

SAB101501D A5 6.5cm Depth 155mm 210mm 6.5cm
SAB101501S A5 3.5cm Depth 155mm 210mm 3.5cm
SAB102001D 8 x 10" 6.5cm Depth 220mm 269mm 6.5cm
SAB102001S 8 x 10" 3.5cm Depth 220mm 269mm 3.5cm
SAB102101D A4 6.5cm Depth 226mm 317mm 6.5cm
SAB102101S A4 3.5cm Depth 226mm 317mm 3.5cm
SAB102401D 9.5x12" 6.5cm Depth 260mm 319mm 6.5cm
SAB102401S 9.5x12" 3.5cm Depth 260mm 319mm 3.5cm
SAB102501D 10x12" 6.5cm Depth 270mm 319mm 6.5cm
SAB102501S 10x12" 3.5cm Depth 270mm 319mm 3.5cm
SAB102801D 11x14" 6.5cm Depth 296mm 371mm 6.5cm
SAB102801S 11x14" 3.5cm Depth 296mm 371mm 3.5cm
SAB102901D A3 x 6.5cm Depth 315mm 438mm 6.5cm
SAB102901S A3 3.5cm Depth 315mm 438mm 3.5cm
SAB103001D 12x16" 6.5cm Depth 321mm 422mm 6.5cm
SAB103001S 12x16" 3.5cm Depth 321mm 422mm 3.5cm
SAB103301D A3+ (13x19") 6.5cm Depth 345mm 497mm 6.5cm
SAB103301S A3+ (13x19") 3.5cm Depth 345mm 497mm 3.5cm
SAB104101D 16x20" 6.5cm Depth 423mm 523mm 6.5cm
SAB104101S 16x20" 3.5cm Depth 423mm 523mm 3.5cm
SAB104201D A2 6.5cm Depth 438mm 612mm 6.5cm
SAB104201S A2 3.5cm Depth 438mm 612mm 3.5cm
SAB105101D 20x24" 6.5cm Depth 524mm 625mm 6.5cm
SAB105101S 20x24" 3.5cm Depth 524mm 625mm 3.5cm

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