Foma Retropan 320 Film

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New negative black & white film RETROPAN 320 soft. This film is panchromatically sensitized, with classic grain type. The grain is very accentuated and visible.

The film has a very soft gradation. Retropan 320 soft is available as 135-36 EXP., 35mm film bulk rolls (17 or 30,5 m), 120 and as sheet film (4x5 inch, 5x7 inch, 8x10 inch, 9x12 cm).

Foma recommends to use the film together with Foma Retro Special Developer. Many of our customers have also got very good results with ADOX Rodinal/Adonal (in higher dilutions), ADOX FX-39 II and ADOX Atomal.

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